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Future Electronics and Philips Lumileds restructure distribution agreement, no longer exclusive

Time: 2013-01-18
 The distribution agreement between Philips Lumileds and Future Lighting Solutions has been restructured, so now 

Philips Lumileds LED downlight can be sold through additional partners, and Future Lighting Solutions may distribute 

other suppliers’ solid-state lighting (SSL) products.
The long-standing distribution agreement between Future Lighting Solutions (FLS) and Philips Lumileds, which kept 

Philips exclusive to FLS and had FLS sell Philips’ products exclusively, has been restructured, enabling Philips to sell 

its LED products through other partners, and FLS to distribute other suppliers’ SSL products.

Unlike other LED manufacturers, such as Osram Opto Semiconductors and Cree, Philips has always sold exclusively 

through FLS. The other supplier that sticks out from the crowd is Nichia, the largest manufactuerer of packaged LEDs 

according to Strategies Unlimited, who only sells directly through their own network and does not use any other 

distributers. With the restructure, Philips’ LED spotlight products will soon be sold through other distributers.

The exclusive distribution agreement was intended to last for another four years, with a new five-year exclusive 

agreement being signed in 2011. However, the companies have decided to expand into new markets, and have 

determined the best way to do that is to restructure the exclusive distribution agreement.

"Our restructured agreement allows us to continue our collaboration with a long-term, trusted and successful partner. 

With the new agreement, we are able to serve the needs of our growing customer base and carry on our widespread 

expansion into new led cabinet light target markets,” said Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre, CEO Philips Lumileds

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